thoughts on current art project

I wrote this and posted it on tumblr just now, but thought maybe I’d post it here too! Plus some pictures.

comic page tendrawing

I realise I should briefly sum up what I am doing, actually. I don’t know if I’ve written any description previously, bar speculation on what I want to do in the future… At the moment I am drawing with mixed media on lots of pieces of paper (about a3 size). These usually involve some sort of text about what I’m anxious about and an accompanying drawing. I try to resolve my problems on the page and arrive at a more rational perception of a situation (instead of, ‘my friends didn’t text me, they hate me!’)… While I’ve been doing this project, I feel like my drawing has kind of gotten complacent however.

I feel crappy regarding my work lately, probably because I am doing this really extended project – which makes me feel restricted. I think it has been useful to do this series of drawing, but it has made me realise what I would like to work on/towards afterwards.

I would like to do some more life drawing, preferably of men, to improve my understanding of forms. I’d like to practise more with watercolours so that I’m a little better at controlling them. I’d like to draw more backgrounds, practise drawing still lifes (chairs and angular man-made things), environments, etc.

I also miss drawing things that are aesthetically pleasing, polished, finished. A lot of the works for this project are weak on their own, but good when in the group.

2 thoughts on “thoughts on current art project

  1. Can you allow your self one day a week where you just draw/paint on a personal project? Like you talk about more still life and life drawing? How about getting your guy to pose for you? – maybe if you allow your self to do other kinds of art you’ll start to feel better about your art again?
    Personally I love your style and it’s pleasing to the eye to watch, and I love the little text bits beside it. Are you making it into a book?

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