sticker making

Hi all,

As I mentioned previously in my posts, I bought a sticker machine to use for my exhibition and future events too. A while ago my friend mentioned that she made stickers and I wanted to give it a try. She recommended the xyron x250, which can make small stickers, up to 6.35cm in width. I bought it from amazon for £25 including postage (same place my friend bought it) but perhaps you can find it for cheaper if you are more patient than me. Refill cartridges are available online too. I said that I’d post some photos of how to use it, so above you can find some photos with captions.

I haven’t tried any other methods of sticker making so I don’t have much to compare it to, but I have a feeling that it is more cost effective to buy sticker paper which you can put through a printer. Having said that, the xyron is fun to use and it produces good quality stickers which look really nice too. And you can cut things out of newspapers/magazines/photos and put them straight through. When I have access to a printer again I’ll probably try out the digital printing method and then compare here on my blog.

Anyway… I’ll post another blog post soon with updates on what I’ve been working on for my exhibition, I hope this was useful to some people xxx


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