exhibition … again


Hi all. Here’s my exhibition set up within the gallery. When I started taking these photos, my camera ran out of battery, so I bought some new batteries and took some videos and photos today. I’ll be sorting through them and then posting the videos and some better quality photos soon, for those who aren’t able to come along.

Also, today I completed another tattoo commission, so here are three scans of the tattoo design’s progress. It was really challenging to draw flowers, but I’m happy with how it turned out. My next commission is to design a t-shirt for a small local business/entrepreneur. I’ll still be working on the other project of designing a game (for which I’ll make a blog post soon) and also I still have the collaborative book project to start…

2 thoughts on “exhibition … again

  1. Can’t wait to see more pictures of your exhibition. It looks really cool. I saw this artist the other day, he was sitting in the room and drawing small sketches that was to be his exhibition, and his sketches made me think of you (not that your themes are at all related really), the way of doing things. I really enjoyed it!

    So cool that you have such fun commissions on the line! Is it stressful? or just fun? Or maybe a little bit of both? How does it feel that someone is going to wear your art on their body?

    • I’ve made a video but haven’t yet worked out how to embed it into the post! Also that artist sounds cool … is there a big art scene in Bergen?

      The commissions are nice to do as most people who have asked me to draw have allowed me a good amount of freedom with drawing style and so on… though I tend to put them off and then get them all done within a day so I’ll work on that. I need to manage time better because I need to use more of it on bigger group projects! As for tattoo art, I guess … As long as people are 100% happy with my drawing then I am happy 🙂 I try to make sure if they see anything they want altered in the work … that I can sort it out for them!

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