A return to printmaking

I don’t think I mentioned this here already, but I started doing lino printing again! While I was at uni, I was quite into printmaking – mainly intaglio printing, though.

Anyway, I guess I was thinking about it recently and thought that lino cut prints are a good way of making accessible, affordable art to sell in my shop. So I got kitted out with some basics – rollers, water-based ink, a glass pane, a baron, lino cutters, etc. It wasn’t a super expensive dive into printmaking, and it’s even possible to get by with fewer tools, but previously I never felt able to put down the money for buying this stuff.

I got most of my tools/materials from Jackson’s Art – which I’m happy to say had good pricing, quality and also shipped my order with no plastic! I’m always a big fan of avoiding plastic, or reusing what plastic packaging I already have.

I also bought from Intaglio Printmaker, another art shop based in the UK. On top of these 2 online retailers, when we’re not in pandemic mode I also enjoy shopping for art supplies from Fred Aldous and Cass Art. I thought I might as well make a little detour and share my favourite art suppliers with anyone who’s interested.

Back to the printing…

Photo of printmaking tools on a kitchen counter top. Items include a roller, a wiping cloth, a glass panel, some black water-based ink, a baron, some pieces of lino, a palette knife, etc.

Here’s my set up. Yep, kitchen printmaking. I use water based inks currently.

Image of a wooden cabinet type piece of furniture, covered in pieces of paper which have been printed on, as well as other random items related to knitting and textiles.

I don’t have a drying rack, so I just put my prints wherever I can, they dry pretty quickly so it’s not a problem! I would like to put some string up on the walls or something so I can peg the prints to it and let them dry that way.

I’ve put a couple pictures of my prints below so you can see 🙂 I’m hoping to sell them in my shop once it re opens.

Lino cut print featuring an angora rabbit Lino print featuring a baby alpaca

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