It’s been an age!

Drawn using Procreate

It seems to be a habit of mine to disappear and reappear on here. I was just updating some bits and pieces and I thought I’d drop by with a mini update! Here’s my most recent finished drawing of a little elf/gnome witch and her quail hens.

10 years ago, I did not expect I would be making art like this. Oh well, it’s fun!

I think what I’m drawing now is the result of a timeline that went a bit like this:

rediscover knitting… accidentally stumble into homesteading podcasts… learn how to grow things … get super into fibre arts and thinking about where our clothes come from and how they are made… get some quail friends…

This happened while simultaneously getting sucked back into reading fantasy fiction again (via Sarah J Maas’ faery series) after a slump in my reading.

Anyway, all this to say… you may have noticed my art has changed a lot, haha.

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