Little Update

game screenshot

Here’s a screenshot of our game, when it is available on the internet I’ll write an update and share the link so you can play if you like.

Hi all,

Our first go at the Indie Speed Run finished last weekend, but I have taken a bit long to write about everything that’s happened… Because I’ve been packing away my belongings to move back to living at my home town. Since I have finished my masters degree (as of Thursday) I am moving back with my parents for a bit. I have been given a little part time job at the same Chinese Takeaway where I worked over a year ago, as well as a few days’ work at a gift shop where I also used to work.

As is to be expected I’m feeling nervous and afraid of the future. Yup, like last year when I completed my bachelors degree, I feel a bit lost again. I just arrived at my parents’ house this afternoon, so the day’s been spent unpacking and organising…

Luckily I have some ideas for upcoming art projects; collaborations and solo work. I also have two commissions to work on. I suppose continuing forward is the best option right now. I try to have short term, achievable goals, so that I don’t get disheartened. There is no rush to become an “established” artist.  I will go slowly forward.

I hope one day soon I can live independently, perhaps in a house together with my friends. I am not too bothered about the location as long as there is an internet connection! But that’s a more far-off ambition for now.

I know this post doesn’t sound very positive, but whatever. If you’ve read this far down into the text then you probably didn’t mind so much! I’ll try to keep going with my work and I hope I can save up money too.

Once the game is online I’ll be writing a bit more about our competition entry!

Thank you for reading, x

game image

a mock up of a start screen

So this weekend I’m going to be participating in the Indie Speed Run in a team with three other people. It’s a 48 hour long competition where you have to create a functional game within the time limit. The games only need to be small and can be designed as 2d or 3d. I’m going to be the art person for this project, and since I don’t have any experience at all with 3d art, we’ll be doing a sort of 2d game. This means it’ll probably be a top-down 2d game (like Pokémon on gameboy)…

Over the past month I’ve been working a little bit on generic graphics for the game. We don’t get given the game’s theme until we click the start button, so I can’t really make many images until then. I also took some of my free time to try and practise animation…

tumblr_mtbxteqxyd1sim57fo1_400 I think we are going to start now so I will not write any more… I’ll probably post afterwards with a link to our game and more images drawn from it.