Hi all again,

It’s been a while… recently I’ve been getting even more extra hours at the supermarket where I work, so I feel like I’m slowly getting behind in my work. I’m not working tomorrow however so I’m going to try and work really hard. Above are a few of the drawings I’ve been doing lately. It’s for part of my shop idea which I mentioned in an earlier post. I think I will screenprint some small portraits of public female figures and make them into collectible ACEO (small sized original art) to be collected.

My exhibition work has morphed again somewhat as I was originally planning to make a supermarket kind of environment. Now I’m just making my own shop environment, including things that I like, so this will involve a lot more of my own personality. Maybe I’ll post my mini write up on here as we have to make a 100 word description of the work for our exhibition catalogue.

As for life related things, apart from working at the supermarket, I’m not sure what else to say. I’m eating too many unhealthy things and I need to change that. I bought some donuts today at work but mainly for the purpose of going to my friend’s till to chat very briefly to her…

Since I feel anxious about the future I’m going to write about things that I am going to do once I have more free time (after my masters degree):

  1. Finish learning to drive and take my driving test
  2. Learn more Japanese grammar

I can’t think of number three yet.