Dear friends,

it’s been over a month since my last post as I have been pretty busy with a few things. Hope that’s okay! These things include job applications, driving lessons, work, etc. I might have more news on the job front shortly but for now I’m going to wait and see once things are a bit more certain before I relax a bit and will also make a proper post on it. My driving exam is also tomorrow so I’m more focused on that for the time being. Edit: I passed 🙂

Aside from these commitments, I have managed to do a reasonable amount of art 🙂 I completed a new personal illustration for my portfolio, and a poster for a couple of great friends who are playing a gig in Finland on 4th July! You can see them both below. My friends unfortunately don’t have a website yet but as soon as they do I’ll probably link it. I’d like to keep making stuff for their music as I love their style and also want to keep creating things that could go into my portfolio!

Hmm, so let’s look… Last time I wrote about printmaking, painting and illustrator. Since then I have done some more work on illustrator, trying to get a bit more comfortable with the software. I feel a lot more confident with the programme, but still not great, and at the moment I don’t really have a reason to use it. I’ve come to realise that my work is much more weighted towards illustration than design (probably obvious to everyone else), but I will try to give design more of a go when I get relevant projects.

As for painting and printmaking, I haven’t done much more of those. I was planning to go to my old university for a visit to pick up some more materials, but haven’t got there yet. It is a 6+ hour journey via train and it costs a lot, but it is something I will be doing over the next month and a half. It’ll be good to see some of my friends there.

I’ve also been carrying on slowly but surely with the game design. It has been a challenge as I’ve been doing pixel art, something I’ve not done for years, and also I have had to pixel buildings and backgrounds. I try to make myself do a few hours every few days and am making good progress. I learned quite a bit about colour theory as well from reading a bit about Syosa, a great pixel artist. I recommend reading the short interview if you’re interested in cute illustrations, pixel art, and/or great colour palettes.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 22.50.48

So… a few other things that I have done (which were waiting on the massive to do list)… my shop is finally done and you can find it here! Recently I’ve been playing with shrink plastic to create little badges. The medium is fun although a considerable amount of attempts have been unsuccessful. It seems pretty temperamental and the surface can get smudged so easily! But I’ll keep going, continue practising and hope that over time my badge casualties become fewer.

Here’s a few examples of the badges, some of them I’ve decided not to put up in my shop as they are not quite high enough standard. I bought some acrylic spray on lacquer to protect the surface of the badges, but actually they just ended up having fluff and dust stuck to them 😦 so I wasn’t happy about that. Some of them are discounted in the store because of that.

I’m thinking of doing a give away too! More details soon.

I think that’s all for now. Right now I’m actually volunteering at the local gallery, I was left to look after front-of-house while the others went to a meeting. And soon, I shall be off as I haven’t yet had any lunch and my stomach is twisting around hungry.

Lots of love



Ooh man there’s so many things to write about. I apologise for this being all over the place, my excuse is this is a personal and non profit making blog, so a lot of this is pretty casual and non structured. So I don’t overburden this already-busy post, I’ll write about these things next time:

  • Organising life class with a friend
  • Planning an artist collective
  • Update on the poetry book project
  • Encouraging a friend to write her story so I can illustrate it 🙂


Little Update

game screenshot

Here’s a screenshot of our game, when it is available on the internet I’ll write an update and share the link so you can play if you like.

Hi all,

Our first go at the Indie Speed Run finished last weekend, but I have taken a bit long to write about everything that’s happened… Because I’ve been packing away my belongings to move back to living at my home town. Since I have finished my masters degree (as of Thursday) I am moving back with my parents for a bit. I have been given a little part time job at the same Chinese Takeaway where I worked over a year ago, as well as a few days’ work at a gift shop where I also used to work.

As is to be expected I’m feeling nervous and afraid of the future. Yup, like last year when I completed my bachelors degree, I feel a bit lost again. I just arrived at my parents’ house this afternoon, so the day’s been spent unpacking and organising…

Luckily I have some ideas for upcoming art projects; collaborations and solo work. I also have two commissions to work on. I suppose continuing forward is the best option right now. I try to have short term, achievable goals, so that I don’t get disheartened. There is no rush to become an “established” artist.  I will go slowly forward.

I hope one day soon I can live independently, perhaps in a house together with my friends. I am not too bothered about the location as long as there is an internet connection! But that’s a more far-off ambition for now.

I know this post doesn’t sound very positive, but whatever. If you’ve read this far down into the text then you probably didn’t mind so much! I’ll try to keep going with my work and I hope I can save up money too.

Once the game is online I’ll be writing a bit more about our competition entry!

Thank you for reading, x