The next exhibition


First ladyquest submission. May do a new one!

I’m writing in bed at the moment because I am feeling sluggish and aimless today. It may be because the weather has worsened, or because several people have left Aberystwyth recently, either for good or a few weeks. Or I have forgotten that actually many of my days roll out like this when there are no urgent deadlines.

Anyway, I wanted to write a new post to usher in the last phase of my masters degree. As you may know, I only have the final exhibition to work on : still a lot of work including actual creation of large volumes of work, lots of research, some writing and I will definitely need to work on my presentation skills so that I can talk about my work confidently. I’m apparently supposed to have decided what I’m doing for the exhibition. Of course, I haven’t, because I dislike planning/scheduling art. This is something to work on when I am able to as I need to learn to function in real life business!

I am considering making my exhibition work centre on my rather boring job as a supermarket cashier. Every shift, in order to keep my sanity, I try to draw as much as possible on any paper available. So I’ve ended up with loads of Biro drawings and journals on old receipt paper, vouchers, letters, etc. I thought I could use this collection for the exhibition somehow.Β  The drawings and writing on the receipts include both personal thoughts as well as commentary about my surroundings, I.e. the people I meet. So this work will sort of develop from the first exhibition, which was pretty much only internal thoughts.

I am going to go now, because I feel so tired. There’s an exhibition opening at the school of art, so I’m going to go to that in half an hour. I’ll post more on this blog too. Sorry if there are any typos due to autocorrect! I’ll post more drawings soon x