slow days


My sister sent me this picture which I drew in primary school. I apologise that nothing has really come up over the past week and however long that I last posted… I have been steadily working on my exhibition stuff, so I have been producing a lot of mini zines both at work in the supermarket and when at home too. Lots of people have left the town as they’ve finished their degrees and have gone back to their hometowns. Fortunately there are still a handful of us left. Regardless of this I have been feeling lonely almost all the time as well as feeling unsatisfied with my work despite making significant progress.

Making art is supposed to be my passion so when I find myself feeling so restless while drawing I worry. I wonder if once I finish this masters degree the pressure will be removed and I will feel more relaxed. Maybe.

After this point in the post I actually wrote a super personal couple of paragraphs but then I realised it was actually making me feel worse so I’ve deleted those paragraphs. Instead I think I should make a list of short term, achievable goals that I can work towards to distract myself from the terror of the future.

  1. I want to make some cute trading cards and stickers to sell cheaply at my exhibition along with my zines. I like the idea of stuff being affordable for people, as well as having original drawings to sell.
  2. I want to make some fan-art of Adventure Time, various animes, Pokémon and other things to relax.
  3. I want to work more often in a communal space so that I don’t feel so lonely.

Over the next week I’ll try and work on these goals. Unfortunately I’m working nine hours (one hour of which is an unpaid break) on Thursday but apart from that I do not have any other plans during the week. I also hope I can sell some work to save up to maybe get some sort of mini games console because I’d really like to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Although I know this is just a phase I’m going through so we’ll see how I feel in a week!

a sketch from my work shift

Once more, thank you for reading.

wellcome collection – Souzou exhibition

I have wanted to write another post here for a while, so I thought that it might as well be sorted tonight. I am sitting in my parents house tonight (which is about 7 hours away from my university town when travelling on public transport) in my old bedroom, which is packed full with my parents’ computer parts, books (on gardening, religion, physiology…), my accumulated possessions and some empty boxes, too. I travelled here on Tuesday during the daytime, and my journey took even longer due to transport delays… I’m here until Sunday, so I need to have a look at timetables or I might end up spending 8 hours of my day travelling again.

I don’t know how, but as always I’ve been quite busy with things. Usually when I visit I end up spending more time watching series online and drawing than anything else. But I’ve had reunions with some friends and a trip to the Wellcome Collection in London to see their new exhibition Souzou.

by Marie Suzuki

by Marie Suzuki, a sketchbook which appeared to be completely filled with her tight marker/fineliner drawings. The gallery describes her work as representative of her fears of childbirth, disgust of female and male genitalia, among other things. A better description is on the website! 

I really enjoyed the exhibition, which is a collection of art from people in welfare facilities in Japan. There were some really amazing, intense, intriguing pieces of work (I discover I’m not very good at writing intellectual descriptions of art right now), like the pieces shown from the artist above, Marie Suzuki. I think I might visit again.

Untitled by Shingo Ikeda

by Shingo Ikeda. He worked mostly in common notebooks, doing loads of very specific calculations relating to things like how many train journeys he will be taking and calculating the odds for sumou matches, I believe. If I get the book I will amend any mistakes! 

I might also buy the book to keep a reminder of all the interesting works… although looks like I will have to visit again quickly to pick it up on my way back to university, as it is not sold online. I really loved some of the compositions as well, but cannot find the images online.

If anyone gets the chance, I recommend going to visit the Wellcome Collection, which is just one minute from the London Euston train/underground station. It’s a place which combines collections of art with medicine; so you might find there… old fashioned medical tools, illustrations of disease and death, anatomical models, a mummy from Peru, some photograph portraits featuring brain donors, etc. Anyway, they’ve had other exhibitions recently about death, brains, dirt, etc. And I think they might be doing one on insects/pests soon. They also have a large permanent collection which is exciting and possibly slightly morbid (the best!) and you will want to spend a while there looking around. The bookshop is good too and I bought a ‘strawberry cheesecake’ cupcake at the cafe for £2.50 today, it tasted delicious. Definitely buying more cupcakes, too.

I’ll post some more art soon too! Sketches, at least!