writing with no plan

Hi all,

yesterday I got back from my visit to the North of England. It is now one o’clock and today has been spent drawing and wandering. I really would like to buy a baguette from the shop opposite my house right now, but I should not spend any money. Temptation is evil. The thought of the sandwich only entered my mind approximately two minutes ago but now it is dominating my thoughts and all I can think about is eating some slightly crunchy ciabatta bread with tomatoes and cheese and other nice things inside. I’m considering just going over budget this week. I spent a lot early in the week for no reason other than gluttony. And then on my visit, I expected to spend a fair amount of money on trains and the like. I spent less than I had anticipated and am considering using this as an excuse for buying more unnecessary food. But I’m writing this instead to try and momentarily distract myself from the thought of ciabatta.

Above are some drawings I’ve done over the past week. None of these are for my course. I did the first two as worried gifts for the people I was going to be staying with, but decided to cook them dinner instead. After having finished the two watercolours, I put them on my personal facebook in the hope of selling them, and I did! … something very surprising and encouraging for me.

The seagull drawing is for a friend who would like to have a tattoo. She asked me to draw one. I had to borrow a reference from google, because seagulls don’t stay still.

For the rest of the day, I think I will work on actual university stuff. I have a few pages to polish up for the exhibition, so that should occupy me for an hour or two. After that, I suppose I should write my presentation. We need to talk about our work for maybe 10-15 minutes on 7th May (which we did before, last year), so I will work on some notes and powerpoint slides.

I also want to do some more drawings which I can sell… I think that it’s fun to create drawings outside of my coursework (even though the eyes in my opinion are off in the two watercolours above) because I can experiment with mediums and then attempt to sell them as well.

Right now, the pull of ciabatta is super strong, so I’m going to try and cook a big lunch of wholemeal pasta with cheese sauce and sweetcorn. If I eat enough, maybe I can stop myself from wanting things I can’t afford?